Friday, July 18, 2014

Seymore D' Fair does the 1984 Worlds Fair in 5 Minutes...!

Monday, February 24, 2014

'Mr. Pelican': How the 1984 Louisiana World Expostion Mascot got his Name..! by Seymore D' Fair

Greetings all and Happy New Year…! As the first ever mascot in the history of World Exposition’s, I wanted to clear up a misunderstanding, which has existed for 30 years. There is much confusion and debate regarding ‘Seymour’ vs. ‘Seymore’. Some ‘experts’ in World Exposition research claim that it was absolutely ‘Seymour’, while others including news reporters swear it is ‘Seymore’. So today I will provide ‘evidence’ that will put this myth to rest. First and foremost, I was referred to as Mr. Pelican for 10 months prior to my naming. It wasn’t until the LWE management group teamed up with Timesaver, a local convenience store chain, that a naming effort was created. So began the ‘contest’, which resulted in over 18,000 submissions, all trying to win the big prize..! The judges included famous folks like Angus Lind and Bob Marshall to name a few. These guys poured over 6.5 pounds of paper print-outs that included names such as Crazy-Laid-Back Fred, Puddin Pus, and Valdimir. It took these judges over 6 hours to review all the entries. In the end, it was Seymore D’ Fair that won the day. The winner of the contest was Susan Shambra, a computer operator for a local insurance company . Her entry was based on a simple phrase ‘See more of the Fair’, which when translated from the local dialect of ‘yat’ becomes ‘Seymore D’ Fair’. Check out the attached October 25, 1983 TP publication, which makes the formal announcement. 102584 – TP – Seymore get his name. So there you go all you World’s Fair aficionados, finally after 30 years the proof has been delivered … I am SEYMORE D’ FAIR…! Ciao, Seymore … The One and Only..! Check me out at the following sites:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Seymore Planning His Return ..! by Seymore D' Fair

Hello World, this is the "Original" one and only Seymore D. Fair. Official mascot of the 1984 Worlds Fair held in New Orleans, LA